Ideation & Storyboard

The Project

Create a concept storyboard for a given target population and context. The first steps of this project were done in group, and our group's target papulation and conctext was A person returning to their parked car late at night by themselves.

The Process

In the group portion of the project we did field observations, to see our target population in context to identify problems and needs. After the observation phase we did a brainstorming session first using bodystorming and roleplaying to get a better understading of the user's perspective.

We then quickly and collaboratively worked to create 100+ potential solutions for the key problems. We then created an affinity diagram to synthesize/cluster the ideas do reaveal underlying themes, we ended up with 8 problem-solution scenarios. Each team member then had to choose 2 scenarios and create a concept storyboard that comunicates both the problem and potential solution.


Storyboard - First Draft

Storyboard - Final

Safety Escort System

Fingerprint Recognition Car


  • Ideation

  • Brainstorming

  • Field Study

  • Sketching


  • Post-its

  • Sharpies

  • paper

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