Herb Garden Prototype

The Brief

Choose from one of the preset topics , or propose your own topic pending approval, keeping in mind that they are simplistic and ambiguous descriptions of the problem that should be targeted by your user interface. This means you will have to ndertake some user studies in order to completely understand what is required from your UI. You are not required to implement the whole system, you are only required to create a low-fidelity prototype and a partially functional high-fidelity xCode prototype. Special focus should be given to user tests, in particular regarding the most important task(s) that your target users will be performing.

The App and Tasks

I decided not to choose one of the preset topics and went my own way. The general idea was that it would be an app to assist you in starting and "managing" a Herb Garden. It would provide information about herb plants and allow you to start "your herb garden" either by selecting which herb you wanted to add to your garden or by filtering the herbs and showing you which herbs would grow better in a particular location. This meant it uses the iOS MapKit and CoreLocation (GPS) frameworks in the prototype. This was a veritcal prototype, with the main task to be tested with users was how they selected a herb by location and added it to the garden. The second task to test was how users would look for the information about a particular herb, but this was not implemented in the final prototype.

Ideation and Tasks


Task 1: Herb Information

Task 2: Adding a Herb to My Garden


xCode Prototype Flow

xCode Prototype Screens

Splash Screen

Herb Info

My Garden

Plant a Herb

Select Location

Herb by Location

My Garden


  • Sketching

  • Wireframes

  • User Testing

  • Prototype


  • Balsamiq Mockups

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • xCode

My Work


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